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Gazo – Image Lock by Patent Pending Image Masking State of Art Encryption Technology App. It’s a Smart, Intelligent, Secure, Fully Integrated with your phone echo system to protect your pictures without any explicit way to know your picture is password locked.Sync with iPhotos, Gallery, Picasso, Cloud etc. share with your Friends with full privacy.
Amazing! Isn’t? Find out how we can make a differenceFeatures:✓ Protect the pictures (photos, product idea image) by industry standard encryption technology – 256 AES Encryption, seamlessly integrated, in a way no one knows it’s locked.
✓ Hide your locked image with another overlaying picture, no one knows its locked.✓ Allow you to share it with friends safely in chat tools/mails/other media without anyone knowing the actual content or its password protected.
✓ In build Gallery view for easy navigation.
✓ Ability to choose your own favorite overlaying Picture.
✓ Save, email or share your protected images with your friends in Facebook, twitter, tumblr etc. with ease– only overlayed picture is seen by these apps.
✓ Sync with iPhotos, Gallery, Picasso, Cloud and other home devices with full privacy and ease of use
✓ User friendly and intuitive make it easy for use.
Beware !!!We are not (as currently offered by competitor) like✓ Storing pictures in a hidden folder
✓ Password protecting such that everyone knows its password protected
✓ Every time worry about where this may pop up
✓ Giving problems to you like unable to sync with iPhotos, Gallery, Picasso, Flipcart and other devices freely.